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App to schedule, confirm, and remind appointments via WhatsApp

Confirm attendance. Eliminate no shows. We upload appointments from your schedule and confirm with your clients. All automated, starts in minutes.

  • Works with Google Calendar
Ribera del CardenalOdontología FLAlejandroDr. Norma B. LopezConstanzaCarlosJulietaSonomedicMy DentistMónica Ortiz
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Appointment confirmation over WhatsApp

Who is it for?

Designed for professions that depend on appointments or meetings

If your day-to-day involves appointments or meetings with clients and patients, Confirmafy is going to help you.

Doctors and physicians

Beauty Salons



Psychologists and Therapists

Video Call Meetings


Car and Motorcycle Service


And more...

The easiest way to schedule and confirm appointments with your clients

Using Confirmafy is simple and fast:

Step 1: Create your appointments in our App or Google Calendar

We give you the option of using our calendar or connecting your Google Calendar account.

Step 2: We take care of the rest

24 hours before the appointment, we send a confirmation message to your client. We'll update your calendar with their answer.

We update your calendar according to your client's answer:


Confirmation message sent

We have sent the confirmation message to your client and are awaiting their response.

Confirmed appointment

Your client has confirmed the appointment.

Appointment canceled

Your client canceled the appointment.

Do you want to receive a sample confirmation message on your WhatsApp?

What our customers think

Ribera del Cardenal
Ribera del Cardenal
Real Estate Developer
Confirmafy has been very efficient because, through this means, it is easier to maintain an update regarding the scheduled appointments to act immediately.
Odontología FL
Odontología FL
Dental Clinic
It has been super practical for me so far and has always worked well. I have fewer no-shows, and the patients are more decisive; they either confirm or cancel. On the other hand, when you write to them personally, they start wanting to change their appointment and look for other time options!
Aguere Nutrition Center
Before we used a service that confirmed by SMS. We switched to Confirmafy and we are seeing that the confirmation rate has increased by more than 40%. It is also perfect that it integrates with Google Calendar.
Dr. Norma B. Lopez
Dr. Norma B. Lopez
Excellent service, from the first day the appointments are sent on time, it is very easy to confirm, they have simplified my work, and the attention is first class, I am very grateful to them.
Dental Clinic
The truth is that it's an excellent service. The patients remember their appointments, and it has helped me a lot to organize the clinic's schedule.
Founder of Megalimpio
I'm here to tell you how well the system has worked for me! I've been using it for several months, and it has made my work much easier when my clients can confirm our visits, especially because it was always complicated to confirm with the clients since I didn't have the time before, and now it is done automatically! It has been great.
Medical Care Clinic
Confirmafy helped us to make the time we spent confirming patients 1 by 1 more efficient. It is very easy to use, and the reports help us to follow up on the patients who cancel on us. The percentage of loss of follow-up has decreased considerably. We recommend the excellent service and attention ⭐
Ultrasound Medical
Confirmafy has helped me a lot because it automates reminders to my patients. It saves me a lot of time, and the patients like this system. It's simple and super effective.
My Dentist
My Dentist
Dental Clinic
Confirmafy is an excellent application that saves us a lot of time. Super easy to use, I love that it's compatible with Google Calendar. It has reduced the percentage of no-shows, and when our patients cancel, we can easily follow up to reschedule. The attention they provide for clarifications and advice is excellent.
Mónica Ortiz
Mónica Ortiz
Psychotherapist and sexologist
Confirmafy has improved my quality of work; it's an easy and effective way to remind and confirm appointments with my patients. A very good contribution.
Dr. Jorge Reque
Dr. Jorge Reque
Child Psychiatrist
I was looking for thousands of options until I found Confirmafy. I wanted a simple tool that can sync with my Google calendar and WhatsApp; a very exquisite search but I found it without wanting to. It's been 2 months since I've been using it and I'm very satisfied with the service. It works, and the best thing is that it helped me organize myself with my patients, and they can also easily remember their appointment.
The truth is that Confirmafy is excellent. I take my schedule wherever I want and the confirmation messages reach the patients perfectly, without fail.
GANDIA Hair Center
Confirmafy has been a great find, the system sends a notice via WhatsApp to all scheduled appointments, now we don't have to waste a lot of time manually notifying clients of their appointments at our center and we can dedicate that time to serving our clients. Totally recommendable.
LA CROIX Nanopigmentation
I am very satisfied with Confirmafy. You really don't have to worry about sending messages to patients. What I found most comfortable is that I used google calendar and it syncs perfectly. I tried the trial period, and now I have my plan. Thank you Ricardo!
Microblading & Nanoblading Artists
Our clients can optionally come for annual maintenance services if they wish, but they didn't usually remember it. By using Confirmafy's automatic reminder service, we have seen a significant increase in monthly customers for annual maintenance, which has resulted in an increase in the company's overall billing. It's a simple, intuitive system, and well integrated with Google Calendar, among others; it's just what we needed.
Martha de ParkeSalud
Martha de ParkeSalud
Health and Wellness Center
This program has efficiently helped us remind patients of their appointments. Allowing us to increase our work. And do it efficiently. Thank you.
Karla de Pilaterapia
Karla de Pilaterapia
With Confirmafy, I have been able to organize even my free time! Now I am calm that my patients are aware of the time and place of their appointment. It saves me screen-free time to take advantage of it for something else. It has become my virtual secretary. A super useful service.
Vito Caló
Vito Caló
Physiotherapist creator of FisioTraining Center
With Confirmafy, the percentage of no-shows of scheduled patients went from 40% to just 5%. Thanks to Confirmafy for relieving my work when scheduling patients. I recommend it and give it 5 stars 🌟
María de
María de
Confirmafy saves me a lot of time. It is comfortable, simple, practical, and very useful. In my case, having so many patients, it is a bit expensive, but without a doubt, with the time I save, it compensates me. I recommend it 100% if you want to forget about remembering the visits.

Advantages of using Confirmafy

Increase your income

Every time one of your clients forgets they have an appointment, you lose money and time.

Confirmafy takes care of confirming appointments. Our goal is to substantially reduce no-shows.

Save time

Do you currently confirm your clients manually? Do you call or write to each one individually? Let Confirmafy do that for you.

Communication via WhatsApp

Confirmafy uses WhatsApp to ensure that your clients see the message and confirm the appointment. Stop calling your clients one by one or using SMS that are increasingly ignored.

Increase the productivity of your staff

Do you have an assistant dedicated to confirming appointments? Free up their time to handle more important tasks and let Confirmafy take care of confirming appointments.


Prices that adapt to the size of your business

How many appointments do you have per month?

Choose the plan based on the number of appointments you have per month

50100200300400500More than 500
arrow2 free months if you pay annually
Up to 50 appointments per month
$10dollars per month
Start for free
(No credit card needed)
  • 50 appointments per month
  • 3 messages per appointment: confirmation, reminder and post apppointment
  • Confirmafy's Calendar or Google Calendar
  • Support over WhatsApp

Frequent Questions

How do payments work?
Confirmafy is a subscription, you can pay monthly or annually. Our plans adapt to the number of appointments you have per month.
What if I don't like Confirmafy?
You can request a refund within the first 30 days of your subscription. Here you can read our refund policy.
What calendar apps does Confirmafy support?
You have two options: you can use the Calendar that comes with Confirmafy, or you can connect your Google Calendar account.
Do you have more questions?
Write to me on WhatsApp by pressing the icon at the bottom right of your screen.