Software to schedule appointments by WhatsApp

These are all the features that Confirmafy offers:

It saves me a lot of time

Attendance confirmation message

Send automatic messages to confirm if your client will attend their appointment.

Agenda integrated with WhatsApp

Create appointments in a smart agenda that is designed to save you time.

Appointment reminders

Send a reminder in the morning on the day of the appointment so that your client doesn't miss it.

Post-appointment message

Send a message after the appointment to ask for reviews, links to your social networks, and reschedule.

Contact management

Upload your contacts directly from WhatsApp to create appointments with them.

Integration with Google Calendar

Use Google Calendar to create your appointments. Confirmafy automatically syncs.


Detailed reports of your appointments and messages. So you can see how your business did.


Send invitations for events such as birthdays, weddings, conferences, and webinars.

Customize WhatsApp messages

Edit the templates however you want so that your messages are unique.

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